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IP tech insider is dedicated to covering the legal philosophy and developments in the Intellectual property (IP) world centered around Intellectual property (IP) data.

In the first issue of our IP newsletter, we will cover Indian IP statics during the First quarter of 2022. The concept is to put forward the information of Indian Legal data and news regarding policy and reforms to provide an overview of evolving affairs.



IP tech Insider domain includes Life science (including pharma), chemistry, and Hi-tech which cover topics including change, collaboration/ partnerships, risk management, and innovation dealing with human resource management.

Case Studies

IP tech Insider provides a domain-grouped forum, where we provide case studies addressing the evolution of IP and technology around matter presented for consideration in the discussion, thought, or study further.

Our subject matter experts will analyze and integrate technical, empirical, and factual information from different sources relevant to Intellectual property (IP) and other kinds of literature every month. The approach will be to design an in-depth, multifaceted prelude to various technology with its technical and intellectual parameters.

Icube Cognitive -

Icube Cognitive is a powerful product of MCRPL, your one-stop gateway to the unique collection of resources and materials in the technology field. Provides a 360-degree combined solution to R&D, Innovation, Legal, Commercial, and Business divisions.


IP tech insider provides a series of podcasts related to IP services, and rendition of expert commentary via podcast, respectively. Our first podcast is about Standard Essential services (SEP) scripted by Rishi Srivastava Vice President, MCRPL.

Meet the speaker of our next edition Podcast

Another podcast on Pharmaceutical by resource person Dr. Ramanathan Sankaran, professional Founder & Director Founder & Director of Lex Nya Private Limited. He is Doctorate in Chemistry from ICT, Bombay University, India. He is a highly experienced Intellectual property professional who comes with 40+ years of experience, having worked in Pharmaceutical Companies and IP/Law Firms, of experience combined with his enormous amount of knowledge in Subject arena.



(Founder & Director at Lex Nyra Private Limited - Global IP Counsellors)

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