Are you facing difficulty in fetching data of Indian patents?

Major challenges faced during capturing Indian patent data

  • Cannot perform complex searches using Boolean operators
  • Full text search and claims search not available
  • IPO has Foreign Language/ Hindi Language Pdf
  • Applicant changes are not updated
  • Documents beyond 2003 are not available in current IPO site
  • Tedious and time consuming procedure

Benefit of MCPairs

  • Through a click of a button you can access the complete Legal Information with history
  • No existing database covers all granted patents and published applications
  • Fully integrated document ordering & delivery service including legal status, registers, file wrappers, competitive watch, translations and more
  • Content Updated on a weekly basis.

Few Important and critical features


  •  Bibliographic Data-Providing Indian patent data information such as title, filing date, publication date, assignee, inventors, IPC classification, priority details, international publication details, abstract
  • Full text (Application & Grants)-Includes claims, description sequence listing if available, provided in XML, PDF formats, drawings
  • TIFF images -Each drawing and table are cropped and in a TIFF format
  • Data update frequency-The data is curated and updated on a weekly basis

Data Coverage

Applications- 1900-2022

Grants- 1900-2022 (Jul_22)

Applications- 2005-2022

Grants- 1987-2022

Top filing Apr-Jun 2022

TOP Filing Technology

(Apr –Jun 2022)

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