Are you working with the right people for your Paralegal services?

While working on maintaining the patents throughout its lifecycle, a lot of challenging processes are needed to be adhered and maintained sacrosanct. The major challenge involved while maintaining patents is managing and training the people that handles the documentation of patents.

A look at normal patent docketing process and steps needed to overcome several challenges:

Maintaining a Patent Portfolio – How difficult and time-consuming process it is?

    • The process of the patent application is quite hectic and also generates a great deal of paperwork There are numerous details that needs to be tracked during the prosecution of a patent application in different jurisdictions. This includes statements from patent offices, foreign agents, inventors, patent drawings, filling out forms, filing the response etc. As a result, it gets cumbersome for the applicants’ to maintain their documents and meet the deadlines on time.
  • Patent and Trademark Docketing – what’s the risk?
    • IP experts handle dates and paperwork related to the patent and trademark applications process through docketing. When handling the prosecution of a large number of diverse patents and trademarks over a long period of time, an efficient docketing system is very crucial.

How MCRPL Docketing Expertise can help you in docketing services?

Our Key Strength –  People

Our team of paralegals are hired with minimum of 3 years of expertise working in leading corporate companies’ paralegal division. This gives us an edge over our competitors as our experts understands the complete paralegals lifecycle gained while working with leading FMCG, Corporates, other Fortune 500 companies and several Law firms.

Knowledge and expertise in all Docketing Systems

The team has expertise on all leading docketing tools such as Patricia, Memotech, FlexTrac, Anaqua, PATTSY, Symphony, etc. Molecular Connections, leading the IP industry for the last 20 years, has entered into collaboration with various universities and corporate companies for several IP innovations related services. MCRPL has collaborated with 30+ companies to create centre of excellence for paralegal services.

24X7 support

Our paralegal experts work in three shifts covering US, EP and Asia time zones through which we manage your patent docketing process flawlessly throughout the prosecution cycle, thereby ensuring that not a single deadline is missed. We have effective and efficient patent portfolio management tools and teams to help maintain and take necessary actions to meet deadlines pertaining to a patent application.

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