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Nowadays, driving is automated, and in order to prevent crashes, automated vehicles must cooperate. The only way to make vehicles drive safely is by enabling communication between them. Automotive vehicle communication helps to manage traffic and improves the comfort of driving and riding. Technologies such as Radars (RAdio Detection and Ranging), LIDARs (LIght Detection and Ranging) are used to enhance the safety and efficiency of the driving. But for communication, vehicles generally use wireless communication to exchange information about their speed, location, and direction to the other vehicle using on-board transceiver systems, and a recent trend now is to use millimeter wave (mmWave) communication for high bandwidth connected vehicles.

According to the intellectual property data, greater number of patents have been filed in this technology after the year 2020, specifically in the year 2021 around 5K+ patent families were filed across many countries like China, followed by Japan, USA, Europe, and Korea. Top companies like Toyota Motors, Honda Motors, Mitsubishi Electric, Huawei, Hyundai, LG Electronics, Baidu and Hitachi were found actively filing in this area. Additionally, some universities like Chongqing University, Beihang University and Nanjing Universities were also involved in filing patents in this technology.

Now it has become a trend of top companies such as Apple, Google and Tesla started generating full self-driving chip. Tesla has remarkably introduced their Full Self-Driving Chip (FSD Chip) in early 2019 and this chip was mainly manufactured for Tesla’s own cars for enabling multiple autonomous levels (High Automation and Fully Automation). Tesla has partnered with a massive order of chips with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited for next-gen Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer during early 2022. Tesla’s FSD is faster, highly reliable than any of the available chips in the automobile industry, due to its dual-configuration.

The table below is a snapshot depicting geographical distribution of a few top companies who have filed patents related to automotive vehicle communication technology.

Below are the geographical trend and innovation trend charts related to patents filed in the automotive vehicle communication technology space:

Geographical trend charts

Innovation Filing Trend of Automated Vehicle Communication Technology

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Geographical Spread of Patents Filed in Automated Vehicle Communication Technology

Geographical Spread of Patents Filed in Automotive Vehicle Communication Technology
Protection country Patent
CN 1877
US 60
JP 551
EP 336
DE 243
KR 182
IN 81
Protection country Patent
FR 79
GB 79
TW 59
CA 31
CH 29
IE 182
AU 27

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