Waste Water Treatment-Before it all wastes away

A large amount of wastewater is disposed into the environment without treatment or inadequate treatment in most areas in the world. This causes major health hazards to humans as well as to the surrounding environments. Partially treated wastewater and raw sewage are the carriers for disease transmission. This will worsen the condition specially during this pandemic situation (Covid -19). For example, it spreads more when the location is not sanitized or sanitized in poor condition.

MC Research has performed in-depth analysis of last 20 years’ publications (Jan 2002 –  Jun 2022) in waste/sludge/sewage water treatment and derived the following insights.

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Waste water treatment is necessary to,

  • Meet the growing demand for the use of water in municipal, agricultural & industrial process
  • Rising urbanization along with diminishing fresh water supplies
  • High prevalence of water borne diseases in the consumers
  • Rising environmental concern

MCRPL Solution

  • Patent, Products, Scientific Articles, News in the domain were extracted from various paid databases
  • Key technology analysis and emerging technology categorization
  • Profiling key companies providing innovative solutions

Fortune 500 company required

  • To identify key technologies, current challenges, future solutions and innovative companies working in the domain of waste water treatment

Quality Output

  • In depth technology categories were developed
  • Key technology analysis was done in detail
  • Prominent companies active in the domain – both in terms of IP and as per market strength
  • Results were provided in an online platform, iCube Cognitive which allows user to generate their own charts and actionable insights.

Competitive Analysis

Companies/Universities filing patents on key technologies in the domain

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Innovative Companies

Electricity using BETT

Recovering the heavy metals

Biosensor for monitoring waste water

Anaerobic digestion using EMR reactors

Technology analysis

Key technologies areas in waste water treatment such as ultraviolet disinfection, advanced oxidation processes, biological filtration, membrane based processes and ion exchange treatment

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Building sustainable waste water treatment technology with reduced energy consumption and, integrate effective technology to advance the circular economy.

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