IIT Bombay’s Breakthrough with a Thrilling 50% Surge in Patent Grants

IIT Bombay


Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay has shown considerable growth in overall Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) applications, including patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights. According to the Director of IIT Bombay’s report, the institute has seen a considerable improvement in its success rate for patent applications. More number of patent applications are getting granted in recent years.

In 2019-20, 153 IPR applications were filed by IIT-Bombay with a success grant rate of approximately 56%. The Director’s report of IIT, highlighted the surge in the IPR applications for 2020-21 which is majorly associated with “COVID-19 related technologies” with a grant percentage of approximately 55%. In 2021-22, 189 IPR applications were filed including patent, trademarks, designs and copyrights out of which 165 have been granted amounting to approximately 87% success rate which is a steep increase in comparison to previous years.


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Year-wise patent grant success rate: charting a new horizon

IIT Bombay has filed 131 patents in 2021-22, out of which approximately 96 were granted which amounts to 73%, a significant increase by 50% as compared to the patent filings in 2016-17, during which 27 patents were granted out of 116 applications.

In the year 2017-18, IIT Bombay had filed 128 patent applications out of which 30 patents were granted which is lesser in comparison to the year 2018-19 where 42 patents were granted out of 115 applications filed. The figures increased in 2019-20, with 67 patents granted out of 123 applications. The numbers increased significantly in 2020-21, when IIT Bombay filed 164 patents, out of which 120 got granted.

IIT Bombay continued to have a success rate of more than 73% even though the number of patents they filed reduced to 131 in 2021-2022 with 96 of them getting granted.


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