India: Sailing into top 25 in Global Innovation Index

Global Innovation Index
The Indian government has been stimulating innovation through various proven initiatives since the last decade. With the dedicated quality and assured division Extension of Expedited System IPO would lunge to higher overheads.

Patent Application & Granted Status


App - 7043

Grant  - 2707


App - 760

Grant  - 937


App - 5700

Grant  - 2738


App - 2345

Grant  - 1138

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  • The government have been taking concrete measures that bolstered several parameters.
  • Computerized communication for faster processing.
  • Reduction of 90% examination fee in international filing.
  • Amendment in practice and procedure of IPO office manual.
  • Reduction in Examination time at IPO from 72 months to 15 months on an average.
  • Reduction in filing fee.
  • The Indian IP Office (CGPDTM) in Mumbai has issued a public notice regarding the filing of oppositions against trademark applications.


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Dial down the “New Early Inventor” of 2022

WHITELINT GLOBAL PVT LTD, a new startup found in 2021 based on “Security and Investigations” with the company size of just 1-10 people have filed for a patent in Mar 2022
Application Number- 202111051985
Inventor-Soni, Mohit

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