Is The Artificial Kidney – A Dawn?

Artificial Kidney

Despite many medical advances in the world, kidney transplanting continues to be in a dismal condition in the medical industry. According to a recent survey by the Deccan Herald, an Indian newspaper firm, over 10% of the population in India is affected by this fatal renal disease because they cannot afford dialysis and transplantation. The sole treatment for renal failure patients is a transplanted kidney. Since there is an issue with the lack of viable kidney donors, a lot of researches have been conducted over decades to develop a bioartificial kidney device. This paved the way for developing a national research initiative called ‘The Kidney Project’ with a focus on developing a device that would perform the essential functionalities of a kidney and ensure a sustained dialysis-free life for the patients. Many Europe-based companies and research centers are researching on renal replacement therapy followed by United States. At present, bioartificial kidney device is in a pre-clinical development stage and it is anticipated to be available for the patients by the year 2030.

The Kidney Project – The True Game Changer!!!

Molecular Connections Research Private Limited (MCRPL), an Indian-based Intellectual Property (IP) firm had done an extensive analysis on ‘The Kidney Project’ technology and discovered that ‘The Kidney Project’ was headed by Shuvo Roy, PhD Director, UCSF, William Fissell, MD of Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), and Harvey David Humes MD, a professor in the Division of Nephrology, Weil Institute. They had first filed a patent application (US2004124147A1) related to an implantable bioartificial kidney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in the year 2003, which got issued in the following year 2004. The team had later developed a small, portable, coffee cup shaped “bioartificial kidney” device (a.k.a dialyzer or artificial kidney) which can be implanted into the patient’s body by performing one-time surgery and can efficiently mimic the function of the kidney. Also, this device eliminates the need for immune-suppressing medications or blood thinners that are typically required with kidney transplants. The Kidney Project team had successfully demonstrated a working prototype of the bioartificial kidney device.

Artificial Kidney

New actions announced!!

MCRPL has also came across a few recent activities in this area, such as the researchers at Biome Analytics had collaborated with UCSF and Cedars Sinai for developing a tool for predicting acute kidney injury (AKI) risk. Additionally, Bayer has agreed to maintain its strategic research partnership to investigate prospective medications and cutting-edge approaches for treating renal problems. A wearable dialysis device to treat acute kidney injuries has been developed by Nephria Bio, a startup from the South Korean-based EOFlow. Due to the raising demand for portable and user-friendly dialysis devices, many companies such as Blood Purification Technologies Inc., AWAK Technologies, and Xcorporeal are researching for developing a wearable artificial kidney. Hence, it is believed that the impact of kidney failure will no longer pose a threat and can easily be resolved by these upcoming innovations.

Artificial Kidney

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