MCPaIRS & IPLS Database – First and only company to have full text Indian patents

The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest in the developing world and is ranked as the fourth largest in terms of production.  Legal status of a patent becomes significant to avoid infringement. As per the WIPO’s latest data, the IP centre of gravity has now shifted towards Asia, with an increased number of filings of patent applications. In such a scenario, protection and enforcement of IP rights gain particular significance to meet the new challenges and the demand of the rapidly changing business environment.  

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First company to launch Exclusive Legal status database of Indian patents(8lakhs), Structure and sequence data in searchable format. First and only company to have full text Indian patents (8 Lakhs patents, 6 lakhs designs)

Getting high quality manually cleaned Indian Patents full text data helps you with your Indian patent search strategies. MCPaIRS & IPLS provides you an up-to-date information on the legal status of the application whereas there is a delay in IPO to update the status.

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Recognizing the importance for the protection of IP as a key component of innovation and development of the country, the government has taken several steps in recent years to create a conducive ecosystem for the creation, protection, awareness and commercialization of IP as well as IP rights. Some of the major initiatives are the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property, financial support to start-ups and SMEs for international patent filing, IPR awareness through financial support to industry bodies, and scientific institution, creation of IPR awareness through digital media etc., to foster innovation and legally protect and exploit IPRs generated in India.

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