Patent Docketing-Vendor Transition

Patent Docketing

Maintaining a Patent Portfolio – How difficult and time-consuming process it is?

The process of the patent application is quite hectic and also generates a great deal of paperwork There are numerous details that needs to be tracked during the prosecution of a patent application in different jurisdictions. This includes statements from patent offices, foreign agents, inventors, patent drawings, filling out forms, filing the response etc. As a result, it gets cumbersome for the applicants’ to maintain their documents and meet the deadlines on time.

Patent and Trademark Docketing

IP experts handle dates and paperwork related to the patent and trademark applications process through docketing. When handling the prosecution of a large number of diverse patents and trademarks over a long period of time, an efficient docketing system is very crucial.

Moving Paralegal work from an existing vendor or tool to another vendor can be a stressful work - MCRPL can make it very easy for you!

The transition will be quick and easy since  the team is very well-versed with all the leading docketing tools.

Three simple steps to begin working with MCRPL:

  1. MCRPL will send a representative with prior expertise in handling different docketing system to your premises at our own expense
  2. MCRPL will absorb the cost for training, travel and stay. Our expert can sit with you or your team at your location to quickly understand the process and assemble team back in India to swiftly commence the migration with minimal help from the customer.
  3. MCRPL will do the migration of work (up to 200 hours of work) at no cost.

P.S.: the above steps can also be implemented virtually; our docketing experts can video chat/ video conference with you to understand your processes/ existing challenges and provide you optimum solutions for data migration/ other teething issues in your docketing workflows

Transition status @MCRPL in last 3 years.

  • 20% of consumers have moved to MCRPL in the past three years because moving is convenient and affordable here.
  • 24% of our customers has moved to new docketing tool with MCRPL’s support.

Docketing tool transition in last 3 years in %

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