Product Overview: I Cube – Cognitive

I Cube - Cognitive
I cube Cognitive- A Technology monitoring built in race, hybrid of Mind + Machine developed tool that brings combined solutions to R&D, Innovation, Legal, Commercial and Business divisions

R & D

Track your competitor’s sustainability activities through collaborations, research funding, patenting trend. Track crowded and Niche technology areas to stay ahead of the competition

Innovation Team

Drill down of scientific literatures with more than 32 level of categorization, giving you a much deeper insight to the technology advancement, white space and much more. Support your partner scouting teams with manually reviewed data of research funding, industry- university collaborations, start-ups, independent inventor. Support technology scouting through tracking of products, technologies, identify solutions to existing problem within or beyond the technology spectrum.

IP Legal division

Look at patents, filing activities, oppositions, legal status of your competitor in any technology of interest.

Commercial/Business division

Support your licensing team with accurate information of starts ups, emerging companies for potential licensing/ acquisition opportunities

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