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Stay in-the-know on the evolution of biotech and pharma innovations and how MCRPL is help transform technology research and industries around the world. The top digital trends in life science including precise medicine, value based care, automatic compliance and regulatory functions

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I Cube - Cognitive

Case study research from MCRPL in IP Tech insider provides a domain-grouped forum, where we provide case studies addressing the evolution of IP and technology around matter from different sources relevant to Intellectual property (IP) and other kinds of literature

Get to know the research behind the future of chemical innovation map – Advanced manufacturing, block chain, innovative materials, and more – connecting us to each other and the things around us.

India Growth Story

Research, insights, and updates from MCRPL on the technology, products rules and reforms driving the IPR industry forward. Development in IP legislation in India in Innovation ecosystem.

Keep up with the latest technologies, trends, and operation that are redefining the Hi tech industry. The research behind the future of computing technologies, such as AI and multimedia and much more with the growing wave of companies, explosion of smart devices and edge computing applications.


Periodic updates on  news, and events.

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