Challenges in the Indian 5G market?

The auctioning of 5G spectrum in India is now complete with Reliance Jio getting the largest piece of the pie, followed by Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Adani Data Networks. The present scenario looks very promising from various spheres be it from Indian Government point of view, Telecom providers or from subscribers’ point of view.

The future looks quite bright too – with a potential revenue of USD 17 billion by end of 2030 (as per Ericsson’s study). 5G will also enable service providers to launch new services for consumers, including home broadband, enhanced video, multiplayer mobile gaming, and AR/VR services.

Anaerobic digestion using EMR reactors

Anaerobic digestion using EMR reactors

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1960's - A Pioneer

Morton Leonard Heilig (December 22, 1926) is an american film maker, was the first to introduce VR technology.

1980's - WWW

Computers and internet (world wide web) has entered into world.

1990's - Term

The term Metaverse appeared in a novel, then in an US Air Force’s immersive AR system and then as a computer jargon.

2000's - Virtual Object

The idea of digital twins was introduced – a virtual object, games were been built by the users and Google Maps became available.

2010's - Implementations

Facebook acquires Oclus VR and Microsoft has released their first VR headsets and second gen Holo lens.

2020's - Future

It is predicted that global Metaverse market VR will be $28 billion market and AR – $76 billion market by 2028.

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Waste water treatment is necessary to,

  • Meet the growing demand for the use of water in municipal, agricultural & industrial process
  • Rising urbanization along with diminishing fresh water supplies
  • High prevalence of water borne diseases in the consumers
  • Rising environmental concern

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