Vegan Meat: Intellectual Property Trends

Vegan Meat
Plant based meats or Vegan meats are made to mimic the natural meat properties and found to be considered as meat substitutes. Compared to meat products, these plant based meats offer consumers a more sustainable environment friendly meat alternative. Because of their similarity to meats, they are frequently used in dishes and food practices similar to meat. The target market for meat analogues includes vegetarians, vegans, non-vegetarians seeking to reduce their meat consumption. Swapping meat for plants reduces saturated fat, and increases the fibre and vitamin content of dishes. Studies show that this leads to reduced risks for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease

Filing Trend

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Considering the last 20 years, there has been a steady increase in the patent filing around plant based meat analogues. Nestle has filed more number of patents in 2020 and most of the patents was filed based on the production or method of making plant based meat products.

Geographical spread

  • Plant based meat analogues is thought to be originated from China. In recent years, Europe and North America has large share of global market.
  • However, the market in China is steadily increasing and they have maximum number of patents published.

Key Players and their geographical spread

Most of the patents are filed and published in US, Europe and China. Majority of plant based meat patents published by General foods are lapsed.

Overview – Key players and their concepts

Plant based meat analogues majorly cover the properties which is similar in nutrition, protein content, texture, taste which mimics the meat properties.

Overview – Technological classifications


Consumption of meat daily leads to various diseases, hence vegan meats which is made up of plants, substitutes the meat. Vegan meats mimics the properties of meat, having their own health benefits and being environment friendly. Globally there is steady increase in the usage of vegan meats. Europe, US and China has the maximum number of patents filed.

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