Waterless Cosmetics: A more sustainable cosmetic alternative?

Waterless cosmetics

What are Waterless cosmetics?

Waterless cosmetics refers to sustainable solution in the beauty products which are free of water or water-based compositions. They are eco-friendly cosmetics made of natural ingredients or botanical oils. The natural ingredients include aloe vera, tea extract, lime content and black sugar. As the waterless cosmetics are free of water, they are more concentrated compared to products which contain water.  This makes the waterless cosmetics more effective for skin application.

No preservatives are used for the manufacture of waterless cosmetics due to moisture free conditions which leads to non-occurrence of skin related problems or allergies. They help in maintaining the skin beauty and health in a sustainable manner.

Why do we need this?

Waterless condition makes the anhydrous beauty products less prone to microbial attack and also increases the shelf-life. Also, the use of waterless cosmetics is a sustainable practice as the level of water scarcity is a glaring issue.

They are non-toxic, chemical free and free from cruelty because of the usage of natural ingredients. The rise in demand of environment friendly beauty products led to an increase in demand of waterless cosmetics.

Sustainable packaging materials that are biodegradable and recyclable are used for the waterless cosmetics’ packaging. Waterless composition/formulation also reduces the carbon footprint.

What are the different types of waterless cosmetics?

Waterless cosmetics could be broadly divided into skincare cosmetics, haircare cosmetics and makeup:

  • Skincare cosmetics include cream, lotion, serum, cleansers, moisturizers, powder, sheet masks, etc.
  • Haircare cosmetics include shampoo,dryconditioner, etc.
  • Waterless makeup includes foundation cream, lipsticks, eye makeups, etc.
  • Other categories of waterless cosmetics include fragrances, colour cosmetics, etc.

Top 10 Key Players in Waterless Cosmetics


Carnauba wax based waterless sunscreen

P &G

Hair care products - Dry shampoo, dry conditioner (Waterless)


Love Beauty and Planet collection (fast-rinse technology)


Waterless dry shampoo in spray and sheet forms (Merit)

Pinch of colour

Waterless cosmetics like lip oil (Healthy lips waterless lip oil pink crush), waterless balm (Honey glow waterless balm), lip colour (Matte Velvet Waterless lip colour), waterless tint, waterless tint cream

Taiki USA

Waterless and sustainable products such as nanodrops and nanostrips in skin care products (nanofiber delivery system)


Chamomile Lavender Tonic (all-in-one makeup remover), Plum Elixir serum, Date Nut Brûlée moisturizer, body balm and face moisturizer.


Waterless body bath, Waterless Shampoo, etc.

Ruby's organic

Compact setting powder, mascara, lip oil gloss, eyeshadow (using eco-friendly plant based oils)


Natural Detox Dry Shampoo, Hair Heat Protection Spray (Based on plants and not on water)

Top 5 Start-ups in Waterless cosmetics industry



* Multipurpose Cleansing Powder, Oasis Epidermal Armor Block Refill, Bloom Jelly Serum Bar Refill, etc.
* Also, products are free of plastics and water



* Body wash powder that is packed in stainless steel bottle
* Vision - World with more clean water and reduction in impact of environment



* Moisturising facial balm, Makeup melt, Rejuvenating Night Balm, etc
* Vegan products and does not contain water



* Sea You cleansing balm, Sea Your Glow mask and Conserve You face oil
* Planting a mangrove tree for each product brought by the customers
* Planting a mangrove tree for each product brought by the customers



* Modified and water free coffee scrub from coffee grind (Biodegradable)

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