India Growth Story: The Tale of Top 50

India Growth Story
India is breaking into top 50 Countries, ranked 46th on Global Innovation Index among 132 economies up from 81st in 2015.

Toll gate of Innovation-The Road taken

The Highway Program

Scheme for Facilitating Startups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) has been a catalyzing source for startups culture to file more patent than ever before..

The copious “Ants on log” modelling of national slogans “Make in India”, “Digital India”, “Skill India”, “Start Up India”, “Smart Cites” and other new initiatives

Feedback mechanism in IPO from 1st March 2017 to lodge feedback and suggestions in respect of issues related to functioning of the office

Computerized Intellectual Property Office, based on United States office model.

The Bridging gap

Even though infringement cases have pared down to one-fourth in 2022 compared to 2021, Indian applicant still prefer to protect their invention in other countries than its own.

Companies feel the need to file more patent to keep up with the yearning barometer of innovation to add another feather to its cap crossing so and so range of patent filing.

Driving legal ambiguity, controversial decisions, and overall patent quality score and continues to resonate market scale.

Disparity of economy in R & D and time taken at patent office for granting a patent

“Creative India, Innovative India”

India had shown consecutive growth in past 7 years, that continued even after the global pandemic emerged and recessive economy in and around the world. Nevertheless, solution to the global challenges is not a zero-sum game, even a small scale increment shifts the focus towards fostering more Innovation.

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