Today’s Innovation, Tomorrow’s Technology: R & D in India empowering innovation

The expansion of R & D and Innovation volume has played an important role in growth dynamics of successful developing countries like China. Around 300+ companies of China are in the list Top Global R & D spender in the world but India had only 26 Companies listed from just three sectors Automobile, Pharmaceutical and Software. The investment is so low that it holding back India’s economy and technological development,

Patent filing trend by top companies

Bottom to up, time to bring back the focus back

One of the oldest civilization in the world India with several theories and techniques have helped created foundation for modern technology. Modern India is building an element of economic, realising focus on pivot of science and technology. With the fast paced innovation drive, India is now becoming an attractive destination for investment in technology around the world. Being the topmost country in the field of scientific research India had undertaken role in various facility targeting concern industry, infrastructure and innovation.

Research Department


Although all the major companies are engaged in R & D still the expenditure remains deplorable at less than one per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Furthermore, patenting by domestic groups, Research Institute, educational institute and individual remains low. In India Innovation are centred from Research centre whereas in Other countries private sector, particularly MNCs pilot innovation.  Even though like any other country India also standard set of rules for public sector and government labs.

Evolving eras of R & D and innovation in India

Still a long way to go

Only 5% of the attempted innovation resulted in success. Recurrent failure venture government funding from controller and audit general

Indian government content with little space for the gain of innovation compared to industrialised countries, who tends to plan strategic exercise on technological prognosis.

India still between 0.6-0.7: The gross expenditure in R and D had increased only by 3% in India since 2017 and only 0.01% since 2019.

India lack of technology transfer legislation from labs private sector for commercialization.

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