Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Digital Twin Technology

The creation of a digital twin of a physical object utilizing data streams is known as “digital twin technology,” which helps with decision-making, collaboration, and information access.

Engineers employ software to create a virtual twin of a real-world process or item using simulation technology and data (gathered via sensors, records from the past, etc.).

Machine learning algorithms are used in digital twin technology to analyze the massive amounts of sensor data and find data trends.

Data insights on efficiency, maintenance, emissions outputs, and performance optimization are provided by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).


Digital Twin consists of 3 components:

  1. Data Model
  2. Set of Algorithms/ Analytics
  3. Set of Executive controls

Levels of Digital Twin

Digital Model:

Data transfer from the physical model to the digital model is not automated. The entire data flow is performed by manually.

Digital Shadow:

Data moves automatically between the Physical and digital shadows, although a change to the physical thing can interfere with the digital.

Digital Twin:

The physical can influence the digital like the Digital Shadow, but in this instance, the digital also interferes with the physical. Thus the constant flow between physical and Digital object makes Digital Twin.

Industries which uses Digital Twin Technologies

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy Sectors
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Environment & Climate
  • Finance
  • Oil & Gas

Digital Twin Technologies:

  • IIoT
  • XR
  • Cloud
  • AI

Top Companies of Digital Twin – Patents

  • SGCC – State Grid Corporation of China
  • Siemens
  • Beihang University of Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • IBM
  • Beijing University of Technology
  • General Electric
  • Chongqing University
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University
  • Guangdong University of Technology
  • Zhejiang University

Patent Filings

Top companies filing patents in the Digital Twin technology

No Data Found

Patents Globally spread for Digital Twin:

Countries No. of patent families
China 5217
USA 825
European Union 545
Korea 416
WIPO 346
Germany 172
Japan 135
India 129
United Kingdom 61
Australia 55

Innovation Trend of Digital Twin – Patent

Patent Filing Trend

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Note: Advancement of Digital Twin of the patent which is distributed, Priority Year Vs Number of Patent Families

Digital Twin latest technology trends – 2023

The most recent advancements in digital twin technology suggest that use of digital twins may grow, as well as new integrations.

  • Increased Internet of Things (IoT) adoption
  • Empowering Digital Twin with Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Integrating with Virtual reality (VR) & Augmented reality (AR)
  • Emphasis on sustainability
  • Adoption of cloud-based platforms
  • Advancements in blockchain technology
  • Incorporating process intelligence
  • Imposed security awareness

Top Companies with Digital Twin Solutions in 2023

General Electric – GE may provide a business with a full range of services, including virtual digital twin resources, assets, elements, systems, and processes.

Azure Digital twins A software platform that gives businesses the building blocks to create the upcoming IoT solutions.

Siemens A digital twin companies that have become one of the Industry 4.0 foundational basics.

IBM – A digital twin applications have had a significant influence on business. Solution design, engineering lifecycle optimization, and Rational Lifecycle Integration skills are all combined in IBM’s Watson Internet of Things solution.

Cisco Systems – A leader in digital twin technology, keeps today’s organizations operating risk-free and efficiently as they pursue a quicker go-to-market strategy.

Oracle – One of the digital twin services that help businesses create virtual twins that assist them in building representations of physical assets and devices in the cloud, speeding up the performance of a specific process.

QiO Technologies – One of the digital twin solution providers that provide digital copy solutions for industrial leaders. They’ve created the QiO Foresight Platform that unites energy, maintenance, production, and performance applications.

PETRA Data Science – Concentrating on data processing systems for the global mining industry, they have three leading solutions: FORESTALL for real-time predictive intelligence, MAXTA for data integration service, and FRAGx algorithms for 3D mapping of point cloud data.

Dassault Systems – Products and financial services plan & optimize complex production value networks, combined logistics operations, and schedule large, geographically diverse workforces.

Synavision – German-based company that broke into the market with its Digital Test Bench software, that verifies building performance and accelerates commissioning.

Sight Machine – One of the fascinating digital twin service providers that adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning for transforming manufacturing companies.

Pratiti Technologies – Indian virtual digital twin prototype startup provides data analytics systems for solar energy assets. They focus on SMAC (Social, Mobility, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing) and IoT, driven by digital transformation.

PTC – Digital copy drives industrial digital transformation and innovation with augmented reality(AR), IIOT, and Product lifecycle management solutions.

Ansys – Global leader in building simulation, portfolio includes collaborations with automotive, aerospace & defense, construction, energy and healthcare industries.

Visualiz – Digital copy company and a platform for enhanced collaboration, data visualization, and business intelligence through virtual reality(VR).

SenSat – UK based startup concentrating on digital copies of real-world locations. Mapp is a solution for one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use cloud based digital copies.

Swim – It is a Robust AI-based virtual twin company, created “DataFabric” a solution that seizes data from end devices.

Bosch – They have built Eclipse Ditto, a modular structure framework that is arguably the best solution for managing the state of digital copies.

NavVis – Digital indoor solutions based on either the technology using the API for the NavVis Indoor Viewer for Navigation App.

Simplifa – German based virtual twin companies that structures, optimizes, and manages elevator portfolios on behalf of the owners.

Future Development of Digital Twin

  • Digital twin technology can help engineered systems independently “learn” and improve performance over time by utilizing sensor data and user feedback.
  • In order to monitor performance in real time, this involves combining human data with historical data from machine usage.
  • Digital Twin idea is getting limitless conceivable outcomes through combining universes of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics in fourth modern revolution or Industry 4.0.
  • Digital twin is driving critical business esteem and are basically being embraced across different enterprises including telecom, government, engineering, and administration.
  • The concept of digital twin technology is gaining traction in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing.
  • It’s a new technology that will shape how organizations move forward in future.

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