Patent Filing trends in India – FY 2023-2024

Patent Filing trends in India

Key findings:

  • In the fiscal year 2023, India saw a surge in patent filings, reaching 83,000, marking a yearly growth rate of 24.6% compared to the previous fiscal year.
  • The number of patents granted experienced substantial growth, doubling between FY2019 and FY2023.
  • There’s a notable trend of more patents being filed by Indian residents compared to multinational corporations, with the former contributing over 50% of the applications in FY23.
  • Tamil Nadu emerged as the leading state in patent filings during FY23, surpassing Maharashtra and other regions.

Patent Filing trends:

According to NASSCOM‘s seventh annual report on ‘Patenting Trends in India’, an unprecedented 83,000 patents were filed in India during FY23, reflecting a remarkable year-on-year increase of 24.6%, the highest seen in the past two decades. Notably, there was also an increase in the share of patents filed by women, rising to 11.6% in FY23 from 10.2% in the previous year. The number of patents granted also more than doubled from FY2019 to FY2023, with projections showing over 100,000 patents could be granted from March 2023 to March 2024.

In recent years, India has made significant advancements in its patent filing procedures, indicating a positive trend towards encouraging innovation and safeguarding intellectual property.

Healthcare, Automation/Software Development and Retail/Ecommerce are leading areas for applications, with AI patents focused on image processing, Natural Language Processing, and predictive modelling.

Here are a few glimpses of how patent filing trends have faired in India over the years

Patents (in 1000s) filed in India:

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Patents (in 1000’s) Granted in India:

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Indian Resident filers crossed the 50% mark in FY'23

  • The proportion of resident patent filings has doubled over the past decade, now constituting more than half of all patents filed, reflecting a heightened awareness of intellectual property (IP) and a stronger emphasis on innovation.
  • Educational institutions have been instrumental in driving this surge, with the number of filings escalating from 7.4K in FY22 to 19.2K in FY23, marking a threefold increase.

Share of Patents Filed in India

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Tamil Nadu Emerges as a Leader:

Tamil Nadu filed the maximum number of patents during FY’23-‘24, surpassing Maharashtra and other states.

Tamil Nadu has risen as a leading contender among Indian states in patent filing, showcasing the impact of a conducive ecosystem and supportive policies. In FY23, Tamil Nadu claimed the top position with an impressive 9.3% share of total patent filings, surpassing Maharashtra.

This achievement can be attributed to various factors, such as supportive government policies providing incentives for intellectual property registrations, a flourishing research and development ecosystem, and a notable concentration of PhD scholars.

Rank by number of patents filed

Key drivers that supported this growth:

Strong Government Policies

Assistance in IP registrations for start-ups and MSMEs through subsidies; Establishment of Intellectual Property Facilitation Centers

Robust Research and Development Ecosystem

Hosts a substantial number of R&D facilities, Global Capability Centers, and Centers of Excellence (COEs).

Growing Presence of PhD Scholars

Leads the nation in the quantity of PhD holders; Among the top 2% of global scientists, 200 are from Tamil Nadu.

Educational Institutions' Emphasis on Intellectual Property Creation

Notable efforts by institutions like IIT Madras in advancing intellectual property endeavours.

Promotion of Intellectual Property Awareness and Innovation Culture

Regular dissemination of Intellectual Property awareness initiatives by IIT Madras; Implementation of State Science & Technology Programs aimed at fostering an innovation-oriented culture among undergraduate and postgraduate students.



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